General discussion point for software development.


This chat room is bridged across multiple networks:

Matrix #dev:monkeystew.net
pnut.io monkeystew dev
xmpp dev@chat.monkeystew.net


The rules.

  1.  No spamming.
  2.  Be respectful.


About the bots.

  • CMDrMonkey – This bot integrates with my gogs server.  It accepts new issues from participants and posts when pushes are made or when releases are created.
    cmdr create owner/repo "title" "optional description"
  • GitHub – This bot integrates with GitHub for creating new issues on projects hosted there for authorized users.
    !github create owner/repo "title text" "description text"
  • RSS Bot – This bot simply shares posts from a few RSS feeds that are relevant to the work I’m doing.