General public chat room discussing all things tech related.  This channel is bridged to multiple chat networks so that members can choose the network and client best suited for them.


Matrix #allthingstech:monkeystew.net
pnut.io all things tech
Mattermost all things tech  (invite)
xmpp allthingstech@chat.monkeystew.net


The rules are simple:

  1. No spamming.
  2. Be respectful.


Some of the connected networks maintain a persistent chat history while others do not.  In addition to that some participants may be keeping their own copies of the conversation.  Please be aware that regardless of how you connect your conversation is logged in multiple places.


About the chat networks.

  • Matrix is an open standard for inter-operable, decentralized, real-time communication.
  • pnut.io is a short messaging social network.
  • mattermost is an open source self-hosted alternative to slack.
  • xmpp is an open XML based protocol for real-time communication.
  • freenode is a popular IRC network used by a number of projects and communities.