28 September 2016 status

Guess BlackBerry finally made official that they are no longer in the hardware business. Even though it’s been in the making for a few years now it’s still sad to see that happen.

28 August 2016 status

I’ve started work in earnest on a couple of apps for SailfishOS. Two social network client apps, a port of Renamed Todo, and one other that is in the planning stages. All of these are or will be open source projects and code will be published on my site. More on that soon.

28 August 2016 7:30 am by thrrgilag

16 August 2016 status

As Google appears to be launching their new messaging services I think I’ll do a little housekeeping and delete the Hangouts app from my various devices. I haven’t been using it much anyway. I won’t be using Allo either since it looks to be yet another Google data vaccum.

16 August 2016 7:37 am by thrrgilag