Archived Apps

These applications are no longer under active development.  The source code and in some cases packages are still available for use.


Renamed Todo for BlackBerry 10

Renamed Todo is a native application for managing your todo list based on the todo.txt file format. This simple plain text format allows for compatibility and portability across multiple applications on a variety of platforms created by the todo.txt community.


Source code available here.


Previous build available from BlackBerry World.


Current Features

  • Manage your todo.txt file on the device
  • Support for both Windows and non-Windows text file formats
  • Filter by project, context, and due date
  • Extended Search






Todo.txt Enyo for webOS and PlayBook

This is a mobile application for managing your todo.txt file on webOS devices and the BlackBerry PlayBook.


  • Add, modify, or delete items (The basic stuff)
  • Insert for project, context, and priority on add or edit
  • Filter by project or context
  • Set and sort by priority
  • Task dates
  • “Just Type” quick add and search
  • Dropbox support
  • Initial BlackBerry PlayBook support.


Todo.txt Enyo has been released under the Apache 2.0 License.  You can find the source on my gitlab.