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24 November 2018 Site News

I’m moving my content over to a new site setup along with a different domain name  This old site will remain live until I get around to migrating and consolidating my previous blog posts.  Please feel free to jump on over take a look and update any bookmarks or RSS links you might have.

Ending BlackBerry 10 dev

I’ve finally reached the point where I’m ready to discontinue support for BB10 in my various app development efforts.  Specifically those projects are Goober for BB10 (a native client for and Renamed Todo (a task list app using todo.txt format).  I hope they’ve been useful for the handful of users I’ve had and interacted with over the years, I know I’ve enjoyed building them.  But the time has come to retire them and allow myself to focus on other platforms.  The source code will remains available under and open source license and the bar files will also remain available for those who wish to continue using them.

App development after BlackBerry 10

I’m starting to think more about my mobile app development efforts after BB10 is no longer supportable. It still has life left in it but now that BlackBerry is starting to turn services off it may not be for much longer.  I’ve dabbled off and on with Android development and do have an app for that I’m actively working on.  But Android as a platform isn’t my favorite and developing for it isn’t as fun given it’s Java roots.  So I’m finally putting more attention towards the mobile Linux development space.  I think there is a lot more room for amazing things to develop and evolve in that arena.  Projects like ubports are gaining momentum and companies like Jolla and Purism have exciting things happening with their distributions and device support.  I’ll continue to support my BB10 apps as long as the code signing servers existing and I can distribute usable bar files but I’ll also be porting those apps over to Ubuntu Touch and maybe Sailfish OS.  Beyond that any new projects I start on will be for the mobile Linux space.  And open source too!

Still not dead – Renamed Todo update

It’s been a long while since my last update.  I haven’t been paying much attention to this app over the last couple of years for various different reasons.  Mostly do to having switched my primary phone from the lovely BlackBerry Passport to an Android based BlackBerry phone.  But I still love BlackBerry 10 and I still love this app so I’ve finally pulled the trigger and made it open source.  It’s now available under the Apache 2.0 license and I’ll be continuing it’s support and development.

I’ve created a new build (0.9.0) which can be found here long with the source code.  It’s mostly the same as what you find in BlackBerry AppWorld today except that Dropbox syncing has been temporarily removed.  It was partially broken so I’m pulling it to rework that portion and extend it to other syncing options.

Questions, issues, or comments?  Come join the chat where you can follow the development effort.


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24 September 2017 social

Since I switched off my Friendica instance last month I’m sorting out my blog posting workflow (even though I don’t do it often). So this is pretty much a nonsense post so I can see how it goes out to my various feeds. is shutting down

29 August 2017 social

I’ve decided to retire my Friendica instance at Mostly to free up some resources from my server and have one less thing to worry about and manage. I’m not going away from the social web, just coming at it a little differently now.

If you’re following me from Diaspora, I’ve dusted off my old profile:

If you’re following me from GNU social or Mastodon:

If you’re following me from Friendica you can continue to follow me at either of the two profiles linked above.

I also have a couple of other micro blog feeds that you can follow me at:

Of course as always I’m available on chat as well:

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Support Matrix!

This has been one of my favorite projects this year. If you haven’t checked it out yet head over to and take a peek. It’s grown a lot over the last year but now faces funding challenges. If you are able to help support the core team. Patreon, Liberapay, and bitcoin details are in the linked blog post.

A Call to Arms: Supporting Matrix!

TL;DR: if you like Matrix (and especially if you’re building stuff on it), please support us via Patreon or Liberapay to keep the core team able to work on it full-time, otherwise the project is going to be seriously impacted. And if you’re a company who is invested in Matrix (e.g. itching for Dendrite), please get in touch ASAP if you’d like to sponsor core development work from the team. And if you’re a philanthropic billionaire who believes in our ideals of decentralisation, encryption, and open communication as a basic human right – we’d love to hear from you too O:-)

Hmm… The one meeting I had on the schedule today is with someone who is out of the office. Perhaps I can sepnd this morning converting #coffee into code.

31 May 2017 7:07 am by thrrgilag