Saying goodbye to old networks

12 March 2017 social

This week I’m saying goodbye to an old network as is shutting down.

I joined back in 2012 with the promise of a social network with a different business model from Twitter. It was a service focused on benefiting developers and users who were willing to pay for a better experience rather than advertisers and data mining. Unfortunately that idea wasn’t enough and couldn’t become a sustainable business. Rather than breaking their promise and becoming yet another advertising network they scaled back the service and ultimately had to close the doors.

As another social network fades into the background I’m taking some time to reflect on what I’ve gained rather than lost. I’ve met some amazing people on and have been lucky enough to keep up with them as they’ve moved on to other places. I’ve also gained some useful development experience. For those reasons I’ll remember with fond and happy memories rather than mourn it’s loss. As far as I am concerned, was a success.

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Renamed Todo 0.7.4, BB 10.3.3, and Dropbox

21 December 2016 App News

A change was introduced with the release of BlackBerry 10.3.3 that breaks authentication between Renamed Todo and Dropbox.  I’ll be reworking (again) the authorization process to work properly with this latest update.  I’ll post again when the update is available here on this blog as well as my social feeds.  Links to follow me are in the sidebar.

11 November 2016 status

I’m taking #pumpio out of my social mix for the time being. Some of the nodes (including the one I use) have been offline for a while now and no signs as to when or if they’ll return. Fortunatly I’ve got plenty of great interaction between my other networks.

28 September 2016 status

Guess BlackBerry finally made official that they are no longer in the hardware business. Even though it’s been in the making for a few years now it’s still sad to see that happen.

28 August 2016 status

I’ve started work in earnest on a couple of apps for SailfishOS. Two social network client apps, a port of Renamed Todo, and one other that is in the planning stages. All of these are or will be open source projects and code will be published on my site. More on that soon.

28 August 2016 7:30 am by thrrgilag

16 August 2016 status

As Google appears to be launching their new messaging services I think I’ll do a little housekeeping and delete the Hangouts app from my various devices. I haven’t been using it much anyway. I won’t be using Allo either since it looks to be yet another Google data vaccum.

16 August 2016 7:37 am by thrrgilag

BlackBerry PlayBook development

08 August 2016 App News

I’ve pulled Todo.txt Enyo for the PlayBook from BlackBerry World today and I will no longer be developing for this particular device. My biggest reason has to do with the SDK and the odd bit of hacking it took to build this particular application (the combination of Java and Adobe AIR to build HTML5 apps is a bit bonkers). With Dropbox deprecating v1 of their API I felt it was a good time to bring this particular effort to an end. The source code will continue to be available from my site for those who wish to build their own BAR files. On the brighter side of things the Palm SDK still continues to work so I’ll be continuing support for webOS. I’ll be posting more on that in the near future.

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